Custom Web Design & Development

At McDarmont Web Design we develop your website to look and function based on what you want and need. We will work with you to come up with the best possible plan for your website that meets your business or organizational goals. There are no premade, pre-designed templates that you must choose from. Everything is 100% custom to your preference.  We will help you make your ideal website come to life. If you want your website to look and function a certain way then we WILL make sure you have it that way.

The Design Process:

Our process is a three-step methodology for delivering the web solution. The three step process includes the following deliverables:

  1. Template Creation:
    McDarmont Web Design will create a template image that reflects what the website will look like based on the starting requirements. This process ends once the client is 100% satisfied with the template image.
  2. Template Implementation:
    McDarmont Web Design will take the template image and implement it to the web on a test website with test content. This will allow the client to view the basic layout of the website on the web and confirm that there is still 100% satisfaction with the design and layout.
  3. Content Implementation:
    This third and final step includes adding the text, images, and creating the forms that will make up each individual page of the website.

Through the above 3 step process we will deliver all the services designed to exceed your expectations and needs. Once a client of McDarmont Web Design, you will be contacted regularly and be constantly involved with the work as well as updated on the website’s progress.

Website Types

There are no limitations to the type of website we can build. We have worked with organizations and individuals with a variety of goals and requirements for their website project. We have experience in building:

  • Small Business Websites
  • Local Government Websites
  • Non-Profit Organization Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Real Estate Agent Websites
  • Construction Company Websites
  • Golf Course Websites
  • Websites for Individuals
  • Insurance Company Websites
  • Apartment Complex Websites
  • Websites for Athletes, Trainers and Gyms
  • Wedding Websites
  • Life Saving Crew and Fire Department Websites
  • Special Event Websites

Web Applications

Do you need a custom web application for your site to help in providing a specific task such as a Rent Calculator to determine a tenant's rent at an Elderly Housing apartment complex? If so, let us help you develop this application that will meet your needs, help your customers, and save you time!

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